Open Compute Project

Incubation Committee

The Incubation Committee reviews and approves all new specs which are submitted to the OCP Foundation for inclusion.

The IC Chair and Vice-Chair postions are appointed by the OCP Foundation Board.

The nine (9) IC seats that mirror the nine (9) OCP Projects are elected positions.  For more information on the community election process go to:


OCP IC Meetings:

This IC meets every 6 weeks on Thursday at 4:00pm to 7:00pm EST. To find out what that time is in your local time go to:


This call is open to the Community, however we would ask that you mute your phone line if you are not presenting to the IC or are part of the active discussion.

The IC reviews all specs that are submitted OCP. These calls are for going over all the spec submissions and is not the place to ask general OCP questions. If you have questions about OCP please email Michael Schill.


OCP Submissions - IC Voting Results:

The results of the IC Votes can be found here


* Times shown in EST.