When Matt Corddry, stepped down as the Open Compute Project Incubation Committee (IC) representative for the OCP Open Rack Project it triggered an OCP special election.  

The nominees for the OCP Open Rack representative to the IC  included:

The OCP Foundation would like to extend a thank you to Matt Corddry for his time as the OCP IC Open Rack representative as well as to James, Russ and Eran for running for this position. We would also like to thank the community for their patience and understanding through this process.

The poll closed on 11 Feb 2016 and the results of this special election vote are as follows:

Eran Tal will be the new OCP Open Rack representative to the IC.  He will remain the IC representative until August 2016 when the next full IC election is scheduled to take place.

Again we thank James and Russ as well as all past representatives for their willingness to volunteer and help drive adoption and innovation in, near and around the data center through their volunteerism and passion for open collaboration.

Please help the OCP Foundation welcome and congratulate Eran Tal as he begins his new role on the OCP IC.

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