2016-2018 Project Lead Election Results

Tuesday, August 02, 2016 · Posted by at 10:18 AM

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation would like to thank all those who participated in this election. We know it’s been a much anticipated result.


The OCP Foundation and community is effective because of our members who give of their time, talent and treasure.  Each of you play an important role in accelerating the consumption of OCP gear, as well as the continued cultivation of collaboration efforts of the project communities and the increasing quality and openness of the contributions to OCP.  We can’t say, “thank you” enough.


2016-2018 Project Leads


Without further ado, below is the list of project leads for the 2016 - 2018 Term.  Please join me and the OCP Foundation in welcoming the following individuals. (Names in Bold are the newly elected project leads, other names are returning project leads)


  • C&I - Asim Rasheed (IXIA) and David Woolf (UNH-IOL)

  • Data Center - Jason Schafer (Google) and Robert Bunger (Schneider Electric)

  • HPC - Devashish Paul (IDT) and Manoj Roge (Xilinx)

  • Hardware Management - Bernie Meier (Ericsson) and Norman James (IBM)

  • Networking - Carlos Cardenas (Cumulus) and Omar Baldonado (Facebook)

  • Open Rack  - Brian Obernesser (Fidelity) and Steve Mills (Facebook)

  • Server - John Stuewe (Dell) and Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft)

  • Storage - Jorge Campello (HGST) and Per Brashers (Yttibrium)

  • Telco- Kang-Won Lee (SK Telecom) and Bryan Larish (Verizon)


We would also like to thank those project leads who did not seek re-election or were not re-elected. Many thanks for your leadership and tireless efforts to make the OCP Community what it is today and I hope you and your organizations will continue to participate in and contribute to the OCP Community.


  • C&I - Anita Kou (ITRI)

  • HPC - Thomas Somers (Rex Computing)

  • Hardware Management - Rajeev Agrawala (Goldman Sachs)

  • Hardware Management - Badriddine Khessib (Microsoft)

  • Server - Mark Shaw (Microsoft)

  • Storage - Asghar Riahi (Red Hat)

  • Telco - Craig White (Nokia)


And a special thanks to all those nominees who were willing to lead but did not get elected this time around.  Thank you for being part of the process and it is our hope that you and your organizations will continue to participate and support the OCP Foundation and its community.


  • Jerry Luo (Ericsson)

  • Steve Noble (Big Switch Networks)

  • Lihua Yuan (Microsoft)

  • Scott Boynton (Canonical)

  • Mike Valentine (Goldman Sachs)

  • Jean-Marie Verdun (Horizon)

  • Kaizhong Gao (Individual)

  • Doug Haunsperger (Dell)

IC Telco Representative Announced


We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that Fernando (Fred) Oliveira of Verizon has been appointed to the OCP Incubation Committee (IC) to represent the OCP Telco Project.  The OCP Board reserves the right to appoint the first project lead and IC member for a new project.  In the case of the OCP Telco Project, when it was moved to a top level project from a working group there was already a project lead in place; however, there was not an IC representative and the OCP Board of Directors choose to exercise their right to appoint the first IC Telco Representative.


Fred is a Verizon Fellow currently working on SDN and NFV architecture and responsible for the architecture of the Verizon Cloud Platform. Fred  joined Verizon in 2011 through the acquisition of CloudSwitch Corporation where as Chief Architect, he led the technology architecture and product direction. Prior to joining CloudSwitch, Fred was Chief Architect of the Cloud Infrastructure Group at EMC where he led the development of the Atmos storage system. Before joining EMC, Fred held leadership roles at Conley Corp, Stratus Computer, Apple Computer and Kendall Square Research. Fred has a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Connecticut and has been granted 22 patents in the areas of virtualization, system software and storage.


Please join the OCP Foundation in welcoming Fred Oliveira to the OCP IC.


IC Data Center Representative Special Election   


We recently announced that William (Bill) Carter is now the OCP CTO and as such he will be unable to serve on the OCP IC committee as the OCP Data Center Project Representative.  Now that the Project Lead elections are over we will be announcing a special election to fill this role.  More information on this special election will be announced in another blog post next week.


Again, the OCP Foundation would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our former project leads and to all those we were willing to be nominated for a project lead seat.  Congratulations to all those who have been elected and we at the Foundation look forward to working and collaborating with you all.