Nominations for OCP Project Leads Now Open

Monday, January 06, 2014 · Posted by at 12:52 PM

When OCP was started, all the Project Committee Chairs (PCCS), aka Project Leads, were appointed by the OCP Board.  In 2014, OCP will focus on being an even more open, transparent and community lead project. As we begin this focus we do so by giving the community the opportunity to vote on its Project Leads.
Starting today, Monday 6 January through Monday 13 January 2014 project members can begin nominating candidates for the project lead positions.  Current project leads are eligible to run for these positions as well.


Individuals may be self-nominated or can be nominated by another project member.
Those who would like to run for the project lead position should do the following:
1. Make sure you have created a profile on the website and have signed the membership agreement. (If you belong to a member organization make sure you create your profile using your organizational email address)
To create a profile and sign the membership agreement go to  In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see 'Login/Create An Account' from there please follow the instructions.
2. Once you have ensured that you have created your account and sign the membership agreement (note that by creating this account you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in the membership agreement), email your name, the project lead position you are interested in, and a short bio (one paragraph), that explains a little bit about you, your interest in OCP, and your contribution to the project to Amber Graner, OCP Community Manager so she can organize the ballots and create the Election Wiki pages.


In order to vote in these elections, you must go to the OCP website and create an account, by creating this profile you are signing the membership agreement.  If you belong to a member organization then please use your organizational email address.


  • 6 January 2014 - Call for nominations goes out
  • 13 January 2014 - Nomination Phase Closes
  • 21 January 2014 Voting Phase - members of the project can vote 
  • 24 January 2014 - Voting Phase closes
  • 27 January 2014 - New Project Leads Announced
  • 28 January 2014  - New Project Leads Assume responsibility of the projects (all pws and permissions are set)


If you are a member of the Facebook page and the various mailing lists you will still need to login and create your account to be eligible to both be nominated and to vote in this election. We want all active community members to be able to participate.  Please let Amber Graner know if you have any questions.


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