The OCP Incubation Committee (IC) is made up of dedicated volunteers and thought leaders who are in, near, and around the data center hardware ecosystem. In March we announced that we would be extending the terms of our volunteer leadership and holding no elections until 2016. However, we now have a vacant seat on the IC and will be holding a special election to fill this seat.  This position will be an interim position until the next election in 3rd quarter 2016.

Special Circumstance

If an OCP IC Member resigns from their position prior to the end of the term or if they can no longer fulfill their duties then the OCP project community will vote on the interim IC member to fill the vacant seat until the next scheduled election.

Special Elections

Matt Corddry, stepped down from his position as the OCP Open Rack project representative on the IC when he left his position at Facebook to pursue other opportunities.   We appreciate all his hard work and dedication to not only the OCP IC and the Open Rack project, but to the Foundation as well.  Starting today, 12 November 2015 through 3 December 2015 we will be taking nominations for this position.


12 Nov - 3 Dec 2015

Nomination Phase*

3 Dec 2015

Contact Nominees

4 Dec - 18 Dec 2015

Testimonial Phase

19 Dec - 8 Jan 2016

Voting Phase

10 Jan 2016

Results Announced

 * all nominations are subject to eligibility verification.


By participating as a member of the OCP IC you will be responsible for reviewing all contributions that are submitted to the OCP Foundation. You will work closely with the OCP Community Manager, OCP Project Leads and the contributor to make sure all contributions are a fit for the goals and missions of the OCP Foundation.

This is an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of the OCP Foundation and it’s community while advancing the mission and goals of the Foundation.

Roles and Responsibilities of an IC Member

As noted above this is a special election to elect an interim OCP Open Rack representative to the IC. To understand what is required of these positions please take a moment to review the roles and responsibilities of these positions.

  • Help shape new projects
    • Provide guidance and feedback to incubated projects
    • Proactively provide lightweight feedback
    • Ensure OCP principles are embodied in specifications
    • Ensure specifications contribute meaningful value
  • Vote on new specifications
  • Work with and encourage project chairs to bring new specs to IC
  • Ensure proper functionality of the IC
  • Participate in IC meetings (every six weeks)


Nomination Process


  • Individual must belong to an OCP Silver, Gold or Platinum Tiered Member organization.



  • Silver Members can hold no more than 1 leadership position at a time.
  • Gold Members can hold no more than 2 leadership positions at a time.
  • Platinum Members can hold no more than 3 leadership positions at a time.
  • No one person can hold more than one leadership position at a time.

(If an organizational member is nominated and this nomination would cause the organization to go over its membership level limit then that individual and organization will be contacted prior to the names being released)

The Nominations Phase will end at 5pm Central on 3 December 2015.


Only submissions added to this webform will be accepted.  No personal emails will be accepted as eligible submissions. As the nominations are reviewed, nominees will be contacted by the OCP Community Manager to make sure they would like to accept the nomination and to provide a short bio and and headshot.

To nominate yourself or someone else click here.


The interim OCP Open Rack Project representative to the IC will hold this seat until the regular scheduled elections in August 2016.

Testimonial Phase

Eligibility: Any community member can add a positive endorsement to any nominee. During this phase of the election each nominee will have a page on the website which will include a picture, a bio and information on why they want to sit on the IC. This page is where the community will be allowed to endorse each nominee. While only OCP Silver, Gold and Platinum Tiered Members can vote on the nominees the testimonial phase is open to any member of the community. (Please note all comments will be moderated and only positive endorsements will be allowed. Any negative or inappropriate comments will be deleted.)

Voting Phase

Eligibility: Only OCP Silver, Gold and Platinum Tiered Members and the OCP Foundation Board will be eligible to vote. Silver Members and Board Members will be given 1 voting key, Gold Members will be given 2 voting keys and Platinum Members will be given 3 voting keys.  Between now and 18 December  2015, the OCP Community Manager will be contacting the point of contact for each Silver, Gold and Platinum member to determine who from each organization will be sent keys. Qualifying memberships must be current as of 18 December 2015 in order to vote.  Each key is tied to an email address and can not be shared.  

Again, many thanks to Matt Corddry and all those willing to serve in an OCP volunteer leadership role.  Good luck to all those who will be putting their names forward for this special election.

If you have any questions please email Amber Graner.

More information about Tiered Membership can be found at: