Voting Phase: OCP IC Open Rack Seat Special Elections Begins

Monday, February 01, 2016 · Posted by at 1:07 AM

The voting phase for the OCP Open Rack Incubation Committee (IC) Seat Special election started on 29 January and will remain open until 11 February 2016 at 6:00pm (CT).


Participants will be able to choose between the following nominees:

We would like to thank all the past, current and future IC members for their willingness to encourage, empower, and inspire the OCP project communities to communicate, collaborate and contribute!


The updated timeline is as follows:

12 Nov - 3 Dec 2015

Nomination Phase*

3 Dec 2015

Contact Nominees

19 Jan - 28 Jan 2016

Testimonial Phase

29 Jan - 11 Feb 2016

Voting Phase

12 Feb 2016

Results Announced

* all nominations are subject to eligibility verification.

Who is eligible to vote?

Only OCP Silver, Gold and Platinum Tiered Members and the OCP Foundation Board will be eligible to vote. Silver Members and Board Members will be given 1 voting key, Gold Members will be given 2 voting keys and Platinum Members will be given 3 voting keys. Qualifying memberships must be current as of 28 January 2016 in order to vote.  Each key is tied to an email address and can not be shared.

How do I vote?

Eligible Voters will receive an email which will guide them through how to vote. If you believe you should have received a voting key for the OCP Open Rack IC seat and did not, please contact, Amber Graner.  

What is the voting tool that is used?

We use the Condercet Internet Voting Service (CIVS) which was developed by Cornell University. CIVS is a free Internet voting service that makes it easy to conduct polls. Each voter ranks a set of possible choices. Individual voter rankings are combined into an anonymous overall ranking of the choices.

More information about our governance process can be found here.

Again, the Foundation would like to thank all of those who have been nominated.  None of our successes would be possible without the support and participation of you and your organizations.

Get Involved

The OCP Foundation has many ways for an individual or organization to participate: online project meetings, OCP events, spec submission or review, follow our blog, join our Facebook group, add us to your G+ circles, follow us on Twitter, join our mailings and much more. To find out more about getting involved in OCP, click here.