Dear OCP enthusiasts,

I wanted to take a second to both thank and congratulate you on the most successful event the foundation has put on yet. We could not do this without your participation or your belief in the Open Compute Project and its mission! Many of you are asking specifically about a few of the programs we are currently rolling out, and I'd like to take a minute to overview them in greater detail.

The New Hardware License / Legal Framework

During the the past two years the foundation has fielded several calls regarding the OpenWeb Foundation (OWF) license. The OWF license was, at the time of the foundation’s formation, the best place to start. We knew we might eventually need to add more licensing options, but we didn’t anticipate how quickly and how passionately this community would come together.

We are now preparing to move forward with a new licensing framework that will govern future contributions to OCP. In its first iteration, there will be two licensing options in the framework: an Apache 2-like permissive license that allows for derivative works (think OpenStack), and a more prescriptive license that will encourage upstream changes to be rolled into the original works (think Linux).

In addition to the new legal flexibility you will enjoy with the Open Compute Project Hardware License (OCPHL), you’ll be able to apply it to future contributions that will count toward Tiered Membership (which we'll talk about next).

Any current contribution released under the OWF license will be maintained until the contribution is either modified and resubmitted under the new license or until the contribution has reached its end-of-life.

It’s our hope that this new legal framework will provide you with greater flexibility in how you choose to contribute to the foundation, and will in turn add even more momentum to the stream of contributions flowing into the project. 

Tiered Membership

Late last month we shared a few details about this new and exciting program. We think this program will help you and your company get the recognition you’ve earned with all the hard work and the IP and financial contributions you’ve made to the foundation. We are in process of adopting a badged system where every email, every conference call, and every engineering workshop you participate in will be rewarded with hours toward our new tiered membership program.

One important thing to note here: While some levels of this new tiered membership program do track your level of financial contribution to the project, the foundation strongly believes in the ability to participate in the Open Compute Project for free — and that option will persist. So, for example, there will be three ways to achieve Gold status, one of which requires no financial contribution. We have also structured the program to reward the contribution of time and technology more than the contribution of funds. Platinum members, in this model, pay the least for our strongest trademark and best benefits.

Final OCP Membership Logos

Below you will find two graphs that explain the Tiered Membership program and its related benefits:

Corporate Membership Levels2

Ways to reach OCP Corporate Membership presentation2

I know you are all eager to start using these new badges, and we ask for your patience as we finalize the details of the program. Over the next month we will be scheduling a series of conference calls (determined by your membership level) to go into further detail about the program and get your feedback.

Again: Thank you so much for your continued support of the Open Compute Project. You are what makes this community great!


Cole Crawford

Executive Director




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Request for Comment - OCP Hardware License Agreement

Monday, February 24, 2014 · Posted by at 12:46 PM

As announced at Summit V, OCP is now adding new hardware licensing option for our contributors.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, you, the community, would be given the opportunity to review this new license and give us feedback.

Below is our rationale behind the decision to create this new license:

Open hardware licensing, unlike open source software licensing, is still an emerging licensing paradigm. The goal of keeping hardware free to use is a challenging one. This document will not discuss all the additional challenges of moving from the software to the hardware context.

But there are a few differences we needed to consider:

  • The intellectual property rights related to specifications are not the same as those relating to implementations of specifications. In open source software licensing, the software serves both as the specification and the implementation, and the primary intellectual property involved is copyright. In open hardware licensing, copyright is of limited importance. The functional ideas in a specification are not governed by copyright.
  • The materials necessary to enable licensees to practice a specification are particular to a technology field. For software, it is easier to define what is necessary to modify the software. In other words, what is the “source” needed to make “open source” hardware?
  • Contributors to open hardware specifications need certainty about the scope of patent  licenses they are expected to grant. No matter how you feel about patents, one thing is sure: if companies cannot understand the patent rights they are giving up by making a contribution, they will be less likely to contribute.


The full rationale document covers the following and can be read at:

  • Clear Scope for Patent Grants
  • Patent Licenses as the Fundamental Intellectual Property Basis for Copyleft Obligations
  • Application to Our Technology Space
  • Downstream Contributions
  • Scope Defined by Distributed Products
  • Defensive Termination
  • Reasonable Notice Requirements
  • Scope of Improvements


Contributors will now get to choose between two OCP hardware license agreements.

The Open Compute Project Hardware License (Restrictive) - A GPL like license which would require anyone building on top of your contribution to share and open up their spec and design.

TheOpen Compute Project Hardware License (Permissive) - An Apache 2 like license which would allow users to use your contribution and not give their spec and design back.a

From now until March 6th we are opening up the license for review and comment by the community. You can give us feedback, ask questions or leave comments by clicking here.

These are exciting times as the OCP Foundation and community come together to give hardware contributors more options to share and open their designs and specs as we further progress the innovation in the data center and hardware ecosystems.






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Update on OCP Tiered Membership and IC Elections

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 · Posted by at 2:30 AM

To All OCP enthusiasts,

I’m happy to announce that after months of work Tiered Membership is ready to roll out and members should begin getting custom emails from the Foundation starting Wednesday, April 23rd. All current members have been assessed based on their contributions for 2013 and 1st quarter 2014. The emails will explain what level the member has been assessed at and what action items are needed to achieve or maintain that membership level. If you have any issues with the level your organizations has been assessed at then please let Amber Graner know as soon as possible, so we can work with you to re-evaluate your status.

If your organization signed the OCP membership agreement prior to April 10th, 2014 then you will be sent the link to the new membership agreement.  If your organization’s membership has expired you will be sent a link to the new membership agreement and information on tiered membership as well.  Please remember that Memberships must be renewed annually.

Additionally, new web pages have been added to the OCP website which explain Membership levels and the requirements and benefits of each membership level as well as how to get involved in OCP.

It was our desire that the nomination phase of the IC elections would be concluded by now, however, it was contingent on all members being contacted and the point of contacts for each member organization being verified.   We are now in the process of verifying all member point of contacts and as noted in the last blog post about tiered membership and the IC elections, “the nomination phase will remain open until all members have been contacted.” Amber will contact all those who have been nominated and let them know what the updated timeline will be and she will issue another blog post with the updated timelines.

Look for exciting new features such as open badges and more to be integrated soon. We are also working on signature integration for both individual and corporate members. This integration will allow members to sign the membership and contributor license agreements as well as other documents from their personal or corporate profiles.  

We appreciate your understanding and any feedback as we roll out these new programs and website features. It’s exciting to see how we continue to grow and evolve as an organization and community.  

If you or your organization signed the membership agreement prior to 10 April 2014 and do not receive an email from the Foundation by Friday, 25 April, 2014, please let Amber know.

We look forward to the continued participation and amazing open innovations you bring to the industry!


cole signature 

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Testimonial Phase of OCP IC Elections Begins

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 · Posted by at 3:25 AM

We made it! OCP is now in the Testimonial Phase of the Incubation Committee (IC) election process.  The nomination phase of this election lasted longer than we expected due to the  Tiered Membership Program though we are now ready to start the next phase of elections.

Tiered Membership has now been rolled out and all members have been contacted and given the opportunity to sign the new membership agreement and update their membership levels. If you have questions about your membership level please email us with your questions.

The Foundation would like to thank those who have been nominated for their patience and willingness to sit on the OCP Incubation Committee(IC). For some this will be a first time opportunity and for others this will be a continuation of their commitment to OCP. Regardless, we extend our appreciation and thanks!

Nominees and the seats they are seeking on the IC are as follows (listed in alphabetical order by first name):



If you would like to add a testimonial for any of the nominees you can do so by clicking on their names* and adding a comment to that page. 


The update timeline is as follows:

  • 10 Mar 2014 - Call for Nominations Starts
  • 2  May 2014 - Call for Nominations Ends
  • 5  May Begin Verification Process
  • 28  May 2014 - Publish list 
  • 28  May 2014 - Testimonial Phase Starts
  • 6  June 2014 - Testimonial Phase Ends
  • 9  June 2014 - Voting Phase Begins
  • 20 June 2014 - Voting Phase Ends
  • 23 June  2014 - New IC Announced   


Only OCP Silver, Gold, and Platinum Corporate members are eligible to run for the IC and only Gold and Platinum members are eligible to vote.  

Between now and 9 June Gold and Platinum members will be contacted and asked to reply with the names of the individuals who will be receiving voting keys. Gold members will be given 2 keys and Platinum Members will be given 3 keys. To vote all organizations must be member in good standing with a current membership agreement on file.  Those whose membership had expired have been contacted. Membership agreements expire 1 year from the date they were signed. 

More information about OCP governance can be found at:

If you have any questions about getting involved in OCP, becoming a member, or what your current organizational standing is please get in touch!  

Once again a sincere thank you to the passion and commitment shown by the above nominees and to those who nominated, testified and ultimately will vote.  We are 100% committed to ensuring OCP remain a community focused project!



cole signature2



Cole Crawford
Executive Director


*Please note if there is no link for an individual, we will update the post as the information becomes available.



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Voting for the IC Begins!

Monday, June 09, 2014 · Posted by at 7:05 AM

Hey OCPers!

Voting Phase in the IC elections begins today. In order to participate in this phase of the election your organization must be an OCP Silver, Gold or Platinum Corporate Member. 

Silver Members will get 1 voting key, Gold Members will be given 2 voting keys and Platinum Member organization will be given 3 voting keys.  These “keys” are tied to individual email addresses and can not be transferred.

We have seven seats on the Incubation Committee (IC) that are available for this election cycle.  Only 2 seats will require a vote.  Those seats are Networking and Hardware Management. That means that individuals who are given the keys to vote will only be voting for those 2 seats.

Seats that require a vote and their candidates:

Hardware Management




The winners of this election will be joining the following IC members:


Between today and June 20th keys will be sent to those individuals within the organizations who qualify. If you believe you or your organization should have received an email asking who the voting keys should be sent to and have not please email us.

You can find out more information about the IC election process on the OCP wiki.

The new IC will be announced on 23 June. Once again we extend a HUGE thank you to the commitment and dedication of all the nominees and members of our community!!



cole signature2


Cole Crawford
Executive Director




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Tiered Membership Rollout Status

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 · Posted by at 11:15 AM

Hello OCP Community!

We’ve received some great feedback on the Open Compute’s tiered membership program. We’ve also received a couple of questions. so I wanted to take a minute to address those now.

As you probably already know we designed this project in almost the complete opposite way from most other non profit Foundations and this is, in our opinion, the right way to do it.  We want to reward contributions that come from time and intellectual property more than the money our community donates. This is why when you contribute time and IP the OCP Gold membership is less expensive than Silver and Platinum is less expensive than Gold.

In our world the community project leads are the most critical as they are the touchpoint and the guides and gatekeepers into the various technology verticals the Foundation governs.

We are in the final stages of rolling out Tiered Membership and while the IC nomination phase has passed the Project Lead nominations are coming up and we want you to be able to run, nominate and vote for those that will carry the torch forward.  Keep in mind that you MUST be a Silver, Gold, or Platinum to vote for the IC and you must be a signed as a member either individual or corporate member and have a profile on the website to vote in the project lead elections.  More information on how to register an account can be found here.

The above being said we are extending the voting phase of the IC elections until Friday 27 June and we will announce the new IC on 30 June.

We have documented the benefits of membership here and as always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Fall @ OCP EU Summit!


Keep Hacking,

cole signature2


Cole Crawford
Executive Director

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Open Compute Hires Strategic Alliances Manager

Friday, August 01, 2014 · Posted by at 1:02 AM

We're excited to welcome William Mapp to the Open Compute Project Foundation staff!
William has been an enthusiastic force in the open source tech industry for many years now. William joins us from Servergy where he worked with both hardware and software in the Power Linux space. While there he was responsible for business development and strategic relationships globally.  He has been involved with the OCP community for the past several years as a speaker, supporter, evangelist. William is extremely passionate about continuing his support of the Foundation and looks forward to taking on the role of Strategic Alliances Manager for the Open Compute Project Foundation.

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We are delighted to welcome Steve Helvie to the Open Compute Project Staff!

Steve is passionate about being part of a great team and is excited to be joining the Open Compute Project Foundation.  In his previous role Steve was the Director of International Sales for Rackspace Private Cloud (OpenStack) based in the UK. Prior to Rackspace Steve held various roles within Microsoft including Sales Leadership and Channel Development across multiple business units while based in Asia.

Steve holds a Masters in Economics and he has also invested time in the field of Sustainability. Lastly, he maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys a healthy appetite for adventure travel and outdoor sports.

He is currently based in Hong Kong and will be relocating to the US in a few months. He is looking forward to the opportunities for OCP and to getting to know everyone in the community.


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VMWare Joins Open Compute Project As Gold Member

Monday, August 25, 2014 · Posted by at 9:13 AM

vmware grey logo

As many of you already know the Open Compute Project is a community led non profit laser focused on increasing the pace of innovation and removing gratuitous differentiation from the data center.

OCP customers and businesses worldwide continue to demand flexible and scalable hardware for the mission critical workloads they deploy.

So today we’re extremely delighted to help VMWare announce their joining of the Foundation as it’s newest Gold member.  This announcement further validates the Open Compute Project and the hard work we’re all doing together.

VMware is already directly supporting certain qualified OCP configurations through Project Lanier, a hyper-converged infrastructure offering which aligns perfectly with the core tenants of the Foundation and our mission. It’s this strategy that allows us to move towards the software defined data center and enable businesses to focus on core consumer value and continue to grow with agility.

Over the next few months we will be working with VMWare to help expand the capabilities of our Solution Providers as Project Lanier is rolled out. Additionally I am proud to announce VMWare’s plans to contribute source code for OCP based DCIM in early 2015!

Thank you again to VMWare and all of you for driving industry redefining technologies and philosophies into our industry.

Please see VMware's announcement for more information!

 Keep Hacking,

resizedimage29442 cole signature3

Cole Crawford
Executive Director
Open Compute Project Foundation



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Bringing ONIE to the Server

Friday, October 31, 2014 · Posted by at 5:39 AM

Today, the Foundation is delighted to announce that Canonical and Cumulus Networks are working to bring ONIE (Open Network Install Environment) to the server.  ONIE was first created to solve the problem of laying down a network operating system in an open/standard way.  The "modern" way to achieve this today is through PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment). Whether you know it or not there is a license fee attached to Nic PXE inclusion. By removing this cost we have an opportunity to yet again drive differentiation and cost out of the hardware we procure.

This is a prime example of how Open Compute is driving collaborative and industry redefining innovation.  
“ONIE started as breakthrough technology to enable open networking, bringing freedom and choice of hardware and software for networking users everywhere,” said Reza Malekzadeh, VP of Business at Cumulus Networks. “With Canonical’s commitment this modern and robust provisioning technology can now extend to compute and reach all of the data center infrastructure”. 
“We are delighted to commit to full support for ONIE in MAAS, accelerating adoption for modern physical machine provisioning in OCP and beyond," added Mark Shuttleworth.

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