Open Compute Project



1. What's the difference between OCP-ACCEPTED™ or OCP-INSPIRED™?

OCP-ACCEPTED™ requires that you assign IP to the Foundation.

OCP-INSPIRED™ does not require you to assign IP to the Foundation.

2. What can be submitted?

There are four types of submission that can be recognized as either OCP-ACCEPTED™ or OCP-INSPIRED™

  • Specifications 
  • Designs 
  • Products 
  • Software (Code, Reference Architecture*, Reference Implementation*)

3. Can all the above types of submissions be submitted for consideration for both OCP-ACCEPTED™ and OCP-INSPIRED™?

No, only products can be submitted to be recognized as either OCP-INSPIRED™ or OCP-ACCEPTED™.

Specifications, designs, and Software (Code, Reference Architecture*, Reference Implementation*) can all be submitted to be recognized as OCP-ACCEPTED™.

4. How do I decide if my contribution should be submitted as OCP-ACCEPTED™ or OCP-INSPIRED™?

Great question!  See question 3.

5. What documents do I need to sign?


6. What are the requirements for each type of contribution?

Yes! Below is a pdf pdf version of the checklists that you can review. When you are ready to contribute you'll be sent a link to a collaborative checklist that all steakholders will need to sign off on. The product requirements can also be found in the Certification Mark Licensing Document. The links below are for review purposes only and should not be used as the form to fill out.  The OCP Project Lead will send you the link that has been created specificaly for your organization and  your submission.

7. OK, you're ready to contribute, what should you do next?

Contact the project lead(s) for the project group (see list below) your submission belongs too and let them know you're ready to begin.  Unsure of what project your submission should go to then email Bill Carter, CTO OCP and he will advise you.

8. Who approves the contribution submissions?

The OCP Foundation or it's appointed representatives may decide on the merit of a submission. 

For all OCP-ACCEPTED™ submission (Specifications, Designs, Products and Software) the OCP Incubation Committee is the appointed representative to be the final reviewer.

For all OCP-INSPIRED™ product submission the OCP Foundation, an OCP Project Lead and a member of the OCP IC Committee of the project group that the submission falls under will review.

9. When will I receive the Logo?

The logo can only be used to with products that recognized as OCP-INSPIRED™ and OCP-ACCEPTED™.  Specifications, Designs and Software once accepted by the OCP IC may be referenced OCP-ACCEPTED™ but no logo will be issued.


Below is a quick look at the processes (you can click on the graphics to enlarge them).

By clicking on the links above you can find out more about how you and your organizaton can contribute to OCP.


Flow Chart Submitting Specifications and Designs for OCP-ACCEPTED™



 Specifications and designs ACCEPTED INSPIRED GOLD Version 1




Flow Chart Submitting Products for Recogniton as OCP-ACCEPTED™ or OCP-INSPIRED™







 Information to help you with the contribution process. More details can be found on the pages for each type of contribution.

1. You must be an OCP member to contribute specifications, designs, software and products for recognition as "OCP".  If you are an organization will need to sign the OCP Tiered  Membership Agreement. (if you are an individual who wants to contribute  specifications, designs, software and products for recognition as "OCP" please contract

2. You must sign the OCP Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to contrbute specifications, designs, software for OCP-ACCEPTED™. You must sign the OCP Copyright License Agreement to submit products to be recognized as OCP-ACCEPTED™ or OCP-INSPIRED™.

3. For Hardware specification and design contributions you must license your contribution using one of the three available hardware licenses: OWFa1.0,  OCPHL-P and OCPHL-R.  For software contributions you must pick one of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved open source software licenses to govern your contribution. You can find out more information about those options here.

4. You must inform the OCP Project Lead for the OCP Project that your contribution would be govenrned by.  Contributions must then go through the community review process. Specifications must be submitted using the OCP Spec Template and the checklist must be completed (OCP-ACCEPTED™). Please work with the project lead to make sure that your contribution(s) is in the right format for submission. (See table below) If you have any questions as to what project your contribution will be governed by or what project lead you need to contact please email

5. Once your contribution(s) has gone through the community review process then it can be submitted to the OCP Incubation Committee (IC). (Please note the IC will ask if the Project Lead has reviewed the specification, if they have not, you will be sent back to the Project Lead without the IC reviewing.)  The IC will review the contribution and give feedback. The IC will decide if your contribution will be accepted.  If the IC accepts your scontribution we will notify the contributor.


Below is a list of Project Leads and contact information each project lead:

OCP Project Name

Project Lead Name

Project Lead Contact Information

C&I (Compliance and Interoperability)

David Woolf

Asim Rasheed

Data Center

Robert Bunger

Hardware Management

Bernie Meier

Norman James


Devashish Paul

Manoj Roge


Scott Emery

Omar Baldonado

Open Rack

Steve Mills

Brian Obernesser


Siamak Tavallaei

John Stuewe



Jorge Campello

Per Brashers


Kang-Won Lee

Bryan Larish


Additional Information: