Open Compute Project

OCP community logo FINALMore information about the benefits and requirements for OCP Community Level Tiered Membership can be found below:


To become a Community Level Tiered Members an organization must:

  • Sign the membership agreement (Please note when signing the membership agreemement you will not be able to check the membership tier.  We will verify the tier you have requested and return the membership agreement to you with the correct tier indicated.) 
  • Pay the $1000.00 Membership Fee. (Once we have the signed agreement we will invoice you.)

While there is no IP or Time requirement members can contribute time and IP at this level.

 Supporting Documents:



The above documents and more can be found on our legal documents page.

Community Level Tiered Membership Requirements Graphic
 Community Level Tiered Membership Benefits Graphic

There are many ways to Get Involved in OCP.  If you have questions about particpating please email