Open Compute Project

Gold - OCP Tiered Membership

Open GoldThere are two (2) ways for an organization to become an OCP Gold Level Tiered Member. All organizations must sign the OCP Corporate Membership Agreement.  In addition to signing the OCP Tiered Membership agreement organizations can chose one (1) of the two (2) ways listed below to achieve OCP Golf Level Tiered Membership.

 1. Contribute $100K to OCP annually
 2. Contrinute $50k, 2080 hours, and 1 Spec (IP) annually

Gold member benefits can be seen in the graphic below and are outlined in detail in the OCP Tiered Membership Policy.

Supporting Documents:


The above documents and more can be found on our legal documents page.

The diagrams below show how to reach the OCP Gold Level Tiered Membership and the benefits associated with this level of OCP Membership.

 OCP Gold Level Tiered Membership Requirements

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