How to Contribute

5 Easy Steps to Contribute

Step 1 - Sign Contribution License Agreement (OCP-CLA or OWF-CLA and OWFa1.0 Final Spec agreement), and Copyright License Agreement (CRLA)

Step 2 - Present a Proposal or Idea to the Project Group

Step 3 - Write a spec (OCP Specification Template), submit design files, enroll your product in logo program, perform a case study, write a case study or reference architecture, etc.

- Complete a Checklist with the help of OCP staff and the Project Lead(s)

- Present your submission to the OCP Incubation Committee

Step 4 - Get Approval from the OCP Incubation Committee

Step 5 - Adopt an OCP-Accepted™ or OCP-Inspired™ Product and use the OCP Marketplace as a channel


Types of Contributions

OCP specs v1 17a3x


Can be submitted without design files

OCP design files v1 17a3x

Design files

Must be based on a current approved Specification

OCP product recognition v1 17a3x


OCP's Product Recognition Program

OCP reference architecture v1 17a3x

Reference Architectures

Software validations, certifications, etc.

OCP tested configurations v1 17a3x

Tested Configurations

OCP Products (HW/SW)

OCP case studies v1 17a3x

Case Studies

OCP testimonials v1 17a3x2

Client Testimonials

OCP whitepaper v1 17a3x

White Papers


Contribution Documents

Guidance Documents

Contributor License Agreements (only one is needed)

Copyright License Agreements

Hardware Licenses

Please refer to OCP Specification Template for guidance on how to pick the right HW License for you.

Software Licenses

Joint Development Documents