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This agenda for Open Compute Summit IV[] is subject to change without notice.

We are pleased to announce the dates for the next Open Compute Project Summit on Tuesday, January 28 and Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at the newly expanded San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

Featured Speakers Marc Andreessen

Last week at the fourth Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara, we held the first-ever OCP hardware hackathon. In just nine hours, a group of about 70 hackers generated seven really interesting hardware designs — all of which could now be turned into physical products that are ready to plug in and power up.

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Summit Agenda (subject to change)

Do you have a great idea for innovating data center technologies or want to hack on hardware to seed your company? Join us for our Hardware Hackathon at the OCP U.S. Summit 2016 on March 9-10 in San Jose, California.

Have a great idea for innovating data center technologies? Then join us for our second-ever hardware hackathon[] on June 18, 2013, at the GigaOM Structure conference[]. Your idea can win a $10,000 prize if it's best positioned to become a venture-backed startup.

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