OCP Membership Tiers

Corporate Memberships are organized in 4 tiers: Community, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Individual Membership: There is only one level of OCP Individual Membership. To become an Individual Member of OCP, sign the OCP Individual Membership Agreement here

All OCP Corporate Members are eligible to participate in the OCP Solution Provider program.

OCP 2018 Corporate Membership Tier Benefits & Requirements

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*Startup companies may pay $10,000 for Silver Membership IF less than 3 years old AND less than $1,000,000 USD per year in annual revenue.

**Events include engineering workshops, plug-fests, seminars, technology days, etc. that OCP conducts independently or in conjunction with a conference or partner. The estimated value of the sponsorship for each event is expected to be $5,000 USD. Sponsorship support could be hosting venue, services or promotional items.

***Contribution Opt-Out Option available. Contribution means Spec/Design/Product, Reference Architecture, Case Study or White Paper.

OCP Solution Provider Fee 

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How to become a Solution Provider

  • Be an OCP Tiered Member (Community, Silver, Gold or Platinum).
  • Sign an OCP Solution Provider Agreement - to sign the agreement click here.
  • Pay the annual Solution Provider fee (dependent on membership level).
  • Have your OCP-Accepted™ and OCP-Inspired™ Products listed on the OCP Marketplace

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