OCP Membership Tiers

Corporate Memberships are organized in 4 tiers: Community, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Individual Membership: There is only one level of OCP Individual Membership. To become an Individual Member of OCP, sign the OCP Individual Membership Agreement here

OCP 2018 Corporate Membership Tier Benefits & Requirements (for New Members)

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*Startup companies may pay $10,000 for Silver Membership IF less than 3 years old AND less than $1,000,000 USD per year in annual revenue.

**Events include engineering workshops, plug-fests, seminars, technology days, etc. that OCP conducts independently or in conjunction with a conference or partner. The estimated value of the sponsorship for each event is expected to be $5,000 USD. Sponsorship support could be hosting venue, services or promotional items.

***Contribution Opt-Out Option available. Contribution means Spec/Design/Product, Reference Architecture, Case Study or White Paper.



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