Open Compute Project



This page shows the various online meetings and events where you have the opportunity to connect with OCP.  

Upcoming Events


Date   Event Type    Location    
20 June   OCP Japan Meet Up   Japan, Microsoft Shinagawa Head Office    
25 September   OCP at DCD Colo and Cloud   Dallas, Tx    
8 November   OCP at DCD Zetastructure   London    
13 December   OCP at DCD Banking & Finance   Toronto    


Date   Event Type   Location    
 20-21 March   OCP U.S. Summit 2018     San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA    




Calendar of Events and Meetings 

Click here to see each of the individual calendars.(Times are shown in Eastern Time. To convert to your local timezone go to:


(If you would like an event added to this calendar please email Michael Schill) Additional Information You can find out more about each of these events by clicking the links below. 


Past 2017 Events      

Date   Event Type    Location
7 March   OCP Networking Technology Day   Delta Offices, Fremont, CA
8-9 March   OCP US Summit 2017   Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California 
10 March   OCP/SAI Workshop   Cavium, San Jose, CA
03 May   OCP Technology Day   Amsterdam
08-11 May   OCP on the Road: OpenStack Open Infrastructure Event - Booth B17   Boston
15 May   Telco Engineering WorkshopBig Communications Event   Austin Convention Center, Austin, Tx
15-18 May   OCP on the Road: Open Networking CWDM4 Plugfest   The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory