How to Contribute

5 Easy Steps to Contribute

Step 1 - Sign Contribution License Agreement (OCP-CLA or OWF-CLA and OWFa1.0 Final Spec agreement), and Copyright License Agreement (CRLA)

Step 2 - Present a Proposal or Idea to the Project Group

Step 3 - Write a spec (OCP Specification Template), submit design files, enroll your product in logo program, perform a case study, write a case study or reference architecture, etc.

- Complete a Checklist with the help of OCP staff and the Project Lead(s)

- Present your submission to the OCP Incubation Committee

Step 4 - Get Approval from the OCP Incubation Committee

Step 5 - Adopt an OCP-Accepted™ or OCP-Inspired™ Product and use the OCP Marketplace as a channel


Types of Contributions

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 OCP Contribution Guidance 

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