Open System Firmware (Incubation)


Project Leads: G. Devender Goud (Microsoft) and Ron Minnich (Google) 

Acting IC Representative: Bill Carter (OCP)

The Open System Firmware Project is an open source firmware project lead by contributors, code committers, and a technical steering committee. The goal of this project is to create and deploy, at scale, an open source hardware platform initialization and OS load firmware optimized for web-scale cloud hardware, including documentation, testing, integration and any other artifacts that aid the development, deployment, operation or adoption of the open source project.  

Project Scope:

  1. Supports all processor architectures found in the web-scale data center. 
  2. Support for cloud operating systems
  3. Support for compute (GP & AI/ML/FPGA), storage, & network devices.
  4. Development and deployment tools
  5. Security feature