Open Compute Project

Power Supply

The OCP 700W-SH AC/DC power converter, a single voltage 12.5Vdc, closed frame, self-cooled power supply used in high efficiency IT applications. The supply is configurable to a 450W-SH power rating (like the Open Compute Project 450W power supply), as both models use the same PCBs, with just pin-to-pin component replacements.

700W Power Supply

This device works in conjunction with the Open Compute Project battery backup cabinet (see the Open Compute Project Battery Cabinet Hardware v1.0 specification) and custom power strips.

The original OCP 450W power supply is an AC/DC power converter, single voltage 12.5VDC, closed frame, self-cooled power supply used in high-efficiency applications. The power converter includes independent AC input and DC output connectors, plus a DC input connector for backup voltage. Current sharing and parallel operations are not required, while the main focus is a design with very high electrical efficiency.

The OCP Asia-Pacific chapter translated the v1.0 power supply specification into Japanese.