Open Compute Project



Project Chair: Jorge Campello | Per Brashers

Storage is a key component of any data center, and offers many opportunities for efficiency gains. Here are some contributions to the storage project:

Cold Storage

As the requirements for cold data — where data is stored on disk but almost never read again, like legal data or backups of third copies of data — keep on increasing dramatically, there are huge demands for developing some form of cold storage system with the highest capacity and the lowest cost.

Cold storage is designed as a bulk load fast archive. The typical use case is a series of sequential writes, but random reads. A Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) HDD with spin-down capability is the most suitable and cost-effective technology for cold storage. To accommodate this use case, a separate infrastructure dedicated for cold storage needs to be designed and deployed.

You can download the cold storage specification.


The Fusion-io 3.2 TB I/0 is a high-density I/O PCI Express adapter card. The board design is capacity-optimized, designed to provide the highest capacity in a PCI Express card full height, half length form factor, and supports up to 3.2TB memory. Many features found in traditional PCI Express cards have been removed from this board design.

You can download the specification and CAD models for the 3.2TB I/O card.


The Torpedo design concept is a 2xOpenU storage server that can accommodate 15 3.5″ drives arranged in a 3 x 5 array. Its form factor is compatible with the Open Rack and designed to occupy similar space in an Open Rack innovation zone.

The initial design target is direct cabled to an off the shelf SAS expander. The design is capable of accommodating integrated backplanes as a future design option.

You can download the Torpedo storage specification.


OpenNVM is an open-source project for creating new interfaces to non-volatile memory (like flash). Software developers can use these interfaces to make their applications flash-aware. Initial repositories include flash-aware Linux swap (Linux kernel patch), a native key-value interface to flash (API source code library), and API specifications to NVM programming primitives including Atomic Writes.

You can download source and API specs from GitHub.

Open Vault

The Open Vault is a simple and cost-effective storage solution with a modular I/O topology that’s built for the Open Rack. The Open Vault offers high disk densities, holding 30 drives in a 2U chassis, and can operate with almost any host server. Its innovative, expandable design puts serviceability first, with easy drive replacement no matter the mounting height.

You can download the Open Vault v0.7 specification.