Open Compute Project


Hardware Management

Project Chair: Norman James | Bernie Meier

Scale computing requires a small and stable set of tools to remotely manage machines. The hardware management specification incorporates a set of existing tools and best practices and leverages existing tools for remote machine management.

Charter (Dec 2011) - Mission statement:

Provide uniform management of firmware, alerting of hardware events and remote hardware access. Our focus will be on process automation and scalability by leveraging existing open standards whenever possible. We will coordinate with other groups within the OCP foundation to drive efforts.

Provide a required process for submitting specifications to other workgroups that include a specification for hardware mgmt. The hardware management group will provide a template containing a recommended set or actions and events. 

Project Scope:

  • OpenBMC - framework & processes to contribute code, manage source tree & check-in process, oversee build tools and utilities.  
  • Rack Management Controllers- Rack level management solutions (HW, SW, API) and technologies.  Review, recommend, collaborate on RM contributions
  • DMTF Redfish API - review & adopt initial “OCP profile”

Specification (2014) - provide remote management and scale out/stateless machine management; split into base function (all machines) and optional features (platform specific). 

 Project Specifications and Designs can be found on the wiki pages. Click here to see a current list of  available Project Specifications and Designs